Hi everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying a bit more freedom from the lockdown. 


A few weeks ago we were encouraged by Bowls England to apply for a grant from the Sports England Community Fund, set up to assist Sports Clubs through this current period of hardship. With Albert's help I made an application and was pleased to receive notification that we had been awarded £2535.00 towards our costs, mainly the green contractors for a 5 month period.

We have had to supply a few extra details but are confident we will receive the award in the next couple of weeks.


In regard to the green I would like to express my grateful thanks on behalf of you all for all the work Gary has put in to maintaining the green particularly the tremendous amount of watering he has had to do over the very hot dry spell we had in April and May. I have just returned from having a roll up on the green, which although being a little heavy is showing great signs of recovery back to the green Green we had back in March.


The green as I hope you are aware is now open for playing and the booking system is working well. There is still plenty of sessions available for those wishing to play, just give Pauline & myself a ring on 01604 905764.


Finally a big thank you to all who contribute to the upkeep of the grounds but particularly to Chris Pickering & Terry Wilson for all the work they have done in resetting well over 30 of the paving slabs around the green which had become loose over the winter. A great effort and much appreciated.


Best Wishes and hopefully see some of you soon


Kind Regards



Following further Guidance from the Government and Bowls England,  the Committee have decided that providing social distancing is maintained, pairs can now be played on the rinks. It is suggested that when changing ends the two pairs walk on different sides of the green.


Rinks will still need to be booked via Pauline or myself on 01604 905764. At present rinks are available on all 3 days we are open, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please remember to take your club keys with you to access the clubhouse if you are first to arrive for your session and to lock the clubhouse if you are last to leave your session and make good use of the cleaning sprays and sanitisers provided.


Hopefully this welcome rain will help to colour the green back towards what it should be, although I don't think many of us will be playing full length jacks just yet unless you have been working out during lockdown!!!


Keep Safe


Kind Regards


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