Chairman's Report


Hi everyone, I thought I would update you as to what has happened since we last played on Captains Day back in September. The following weekend we had a terrific turn out to "put the green to bed" and I am pleased to say that the green is covered with fresh new grass and generally looking good. Gary is keen to give the green a light cut before winter arrives and probably one more cut around the outside of the green to keep everything tidy. We have kept on top of the gardens except the corner plot which needs further attention when time allows. Unfortunately Ian Thompson who originally intended to undertake this particular plot has been ill and is currently awaiting a pacemaker to be fitted, we wish him well and a speedy recovery.


Paul Bignall has been extremely busy cutting down the outside hedges to a level where it will be easier to maintain, but a bit like the Forth bridge by the time he gets to the end it will be time to start again. I'm sure when conditions permit he would welcome help cutting the hedges, to lighten the load and to keep them as tidy as he has always done.


Peter Blackmore, Gary and myself have been busy stripping down the three greenside benches to bare wood ready for staining and varnishing replacing lengths where necessary. I never realised how heavy the metal sides were until Peter rubbed them back ready for painting! This is an ongoing project which will be finished before the spring comes around.


We have now purchased the lawnmower that Premiership Lawn Care have been using on our green all season so we now have two decent mowers to use as next year we will be cutting the green again ourselves. This is obviously a cost saving exercise but something we always did until a couple of years ago. I have no doubt Gary will be seeking volunteers to assist in this activity in due course. We will however still be employing contractors to provide and apply all the treatments we need doing during to course of the year.


On the financial side, Albert and the main club have supported us to keep the Bowls Club viable and are constantly trying to get all the grants that are available during these troublesome times. I would also like to thank everyone who takes part in the lottery each week for their support and obviously Keith Fossey for administering the lottery on our behalf. It is our intention to buy new scoreboards and pushers using the lottery money for use next year.


The World Indoor Bowls Championships are still going ahead in January at Potters Resort in Norfolk and 8 of us will be attending for a couple of days under slightly different conditions than we were expecting but nevertheless looking forward to hopefully a still very enjoyable few days. (All drinks will now be free throughout our stay which will help!)


Obviously none of us knows what the situation will be in the New Year when we will be due to hold an Annual General Meeting, but I will try to arrange a Committee Meeting in January, virus permitting, to sort out how this may be achieved.


Finally I would like to wish you all good health and happiness during these uncertain times and hope to see some of you in the not too distant future.


Kind Regards & Best Wishes


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